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Lining Wooden Soap Molds

This series of pictures will illustrate
how we make the liner used to line the wooden soap mold, and
how we make the cardboard form used to shape the liner paper.

Make a lining for a soap mold:


438_sm.jpg (2809 bytes) We use a cardboard box form, sized to fit easily into our soap mold.
Reynolds Freezer Paper (from local grocery store) is placed shiny side toward the cardboard form.
  439_sm.jpg (2275 bytes) Fold sides and ends of paper over form.
Fold and crease first corner.
  440_sm.jpg (2456 bytes) Fold and crease second corner..
  442_sm.jpg (2605 bytes) Use scissors to cut away overlapping excess paper.

Repeat for second end of paper.

  443_sm.jpg (2750 bytes) Without taping of otherwise fastening the paper, remove the paper from the form.
  444_sm.jpg (2884 bytes) Insert folded paper into wooden soap mold.
  445_sm.jpg (3189 bytes) Cut corners of paper down to  wooden mold.
  446_sm.jpg (3552 bytes) Fold excess paper over edge of mold and tape with masking tape.
  447_sm.jpg (3554 bytes) Fold and tape ends, as well as sides.
  449_sm.jpg (3507 bytes) Note how easily the cardboard form fits into the lined mold.  The poured soap will be this size and shape as well.

Make a form to help shape liner paper:


Any method to make a form which will easily fit the finished mold will do.
Here is how we have made the form:
  432_sm.jpg (3744 bytes) Find a cardboard box with sharp square corners.
  433_sm.jpg (3878 bytes) Cut the box into quarters.
These quarters will shape and brace the four corners of the form.
  434_sm.jpg (4273 bytes) Insert a layer of thick cardboard in one end and one side of the mold.  This is not part of the  form.  It creates a bit of extra space between the mold and the final cardboard form.
  435_sm.jpg (4112 bytes) We have used manila folders to make the outer surface of the form.  Then glue and tape the quartered cardboard box into the corners of the manila cardboard form.
  436_sm.jpg (3930 bytes) Another layer of cardboard is glued onto the exposed surface of the corner bracing cardboard box pieces.
  437_sm.jpg (3474 bytes) Fold down the sides of the mold to see the finished form.  The poured and hardened soap will also look very much like this when the mold is opened.


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