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  The idea was:  raise guinea fowl, guineas eat bugs, chestnut trees are better off...
June 1 2005

Day old keets from Townline Hatchery.

Growing in confinement.
First time out into the world.

Suddenly the enemy is everywhere.

By late summer three left.  Two males and a female.

Spring 2006.

Eggs are appearing!

Papa Guinea and his sidekick Uncle Guinea watch Mama Guinea on her nest.

Mama is out for a break.  Here is her clutch of eggs.
Have you ever seen a prouder Mama Guinea?
What happened?  Nest is scattered.  No Mama Guinea in sight.
Papa and Uncle know something is wrong.
This is all we found of Mama.
There were peeps coming from the eggs.

The eggs came home to an incubator.

Four hatched.

And here are the proud youngsters.

And the wheel goes round and round...

In fond and loving memory of Mama Guniea...  

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